Our Staff

In 1998 the heart breaking civil war in Yugoslavia touched Sue in way that no other previous world disaster had. She felt it in her soul, she had to do something. She took what was at her disposal; her huge heart and a love of gardening to make a difference. She has proven Christine Todd Whitman’s quote to be true: “Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in the room.”

Sue’s unwavering commitment to helping others in need has changed the lives of thousands of people. Lives she will never know and in the act of giving has changed her own life as well. Her devotion to lending a hand to people in need has widened her scope of assistance to include people suffering from domestic disasters and international children’s education. One person’s need to be of service to others who are in need is her spark and continues to be the flame that motivates her and Seeds for Peace.


Chester is the organizational muscle of the group. He has been a member of the leadership team for several years and loves to separate and organize the thousands of seed packets donated each year. The Seeds for Peace Gardening Partners place requests for particular types of seeds that Chester doggedly (if Chester could read this he would laugh at that word) separates and packages for sending around the world. Chester’s favorite seed is the lima bean because its big and easy to sort.




Theodore uses his love of travel to organize the many seed shipments that Seeds for Peace send each year. He finds small corners of large shipping containers for seeds, mails them directly and even enlists the suitcases of fellow travelers to get seeds to where they are needed. Theodore also helps to raise the money necessary to pay for the shipping costs which can total hundreds of dollars each year. Sometimes these costs extend to covering extra delivery expenses once in country. Remember these locations often are experiencing war or suffering and require delivery across thousands of miles to the gardeners. Theodore’s favorite seed is mustard because it is very tiny and takes little space to ship.